Oncology Skin Care

Oncology Skin Care

Caring for your skin during cancer treatment

The effects of cancer on your skin can leave it feeling dry, flaking and extremely sensitive. Products or treatments that you may have used without incident in the past, may now react adversely on your skin. It is important that women have sources for good skin care during a traumatic and trying time. I can help them through some of the stress by minimizing the ravaging effects that chemo and radiation have on their skin, through expert treatments in a tranquil and soothing environment.

Oncology Skin Care is a very specialized field of esthetics, where Ticia is among a minute percentage of licensed Estheticians in the US who are certified in this important and life changing concentration. This field is designed specifically for clients who need a little extra TLC who have undergone or are presently undergoing oncology treatment. This specialized treatment should only be performed by a Certified Oncology Esthetician® ; the damage that could happen from a technician who is not properly trained can be severe, harmful, and extremely uncomfortable.

Instead, rest in hands that will soothe your skin and your mind, whether you are actively going through Chemotherapy treatments, Radiation, have had Lymph Node removal, or Surgery due to Cancer. Ticia is specially trained to help you find your ‘new normal’ in skincare, as many clients experience dramatic skin changes with the use of strong medications, chemotherapy, and radiation. Let go of your fears, and rest assured that you are in caring, healing hands, guiding you to a refreshed and relaxed new you.

“Ticia has been caring for my skin for many years and I’m so grateful to have found her early. My skin improves with each visit.”


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