Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Ticia is a SculptICE Independent Specialist who’s ready to transform your body and transform your life.

SCULPTICE® is an all natural breakthrough product that freezes and breaks down fat cells, allowing for relocation and removal of unwanted fat.

SCULPTICE® is a frozen lotion made of calming and firming herbs, essential oils applied in your body to activated your natural thermogenesis and burn fat, and break down fat. Wood Therapy is the second face of our treatment. Wood therapy is a deep tissue massage to sculpt, relocate, and activate lymphatic system.

​SCULPTICE® is a full body treatment. One session; One body full reductive/ sculpting massage.

  • Detox Your Body

  • Helps Restore Skin Elasticity

  • Reduce Cellulite

  • Remove Resistant Fat

  • Activate Production Of New Collagen

  • Activates Lymphatic System

  • 100% Natural Treatment

  • Result Are Permanent And Progressive

  • No Surgery!

  • Immediate Results!

“I recommend her every chance I get! I’ve also gotten ice sculpting with her once! Thay was so fun as well! I had no idea what to expect hahaha but she gets in there and snatches your waist!”


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