Ticia Lea | New Year Brings Endless Possibilities!
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New Year Brings Endless Possibilities!


13 Jan New Year Brings Endless Possibilities!

The New Year is always an exciting time to re-evaluate our lives and see what’s working and what needs adjusting. Sometimes we need a complete overhaul and other times we may require only minor changes. The key is being open and objective, occasionally we may need to consult with professional practitioners to help us with these evaluations if we truly want lasting results.

A great place to start is to see how we feel on a daily basis. Are there things we habitually complain about that could be modified with a little help? It’s important to be totally honest with ourselves to really get in touch with what our top priorities are. There’s no mountain to tall to climb and no stream too small to cross when it comes to health and happiness. Our bodies and minds are the instruments we connect to the world with, nothing could be as valuable as our complete well being.

I like to look at my priorities in categories and go down the list to see where fine tuning is necessary. The major categories are: Health, Relationships, Career and then the general miscellaneous things that occupy space in my head. Under these categories are many sub-categories that will be different for everybody. Once I get the pen in my hand and have the willingness to take an objective look at what’s going on, the truth usually reveals itself rather effortlessly.

When everything is down on paper and there is solid evidence of what needs improving all we have to do is figure out who to contact for assistance, if we need help that is, if you are a self-starter that is capable of motivating yourself then you can skip this part! If you are like most, we need a little encouragement and motivation from outside resources to get on track. Whether your goal is to improve your love life, lose weight, have better relationships with your children or to have more success in career, there is someone out there with the knowledge, experience and a burning desire to help people.

If you don’t have the luxury of having the people already in your life to help you facilitate these changes, it’s time to start researching in your area. Depending on what your specific needs are here is a list of practitioners that can be immeasurably helpful: Personal Trainers, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Marriage and Family Counselors, Nutritionists, Life Coaches, Naturopathic Doctors, Herbalists, Acupuncturists, Estheticians, Religious Science Practitioners, Yoga and Pilates Instructors, Visualization Coaches and many more!

The key is to connect with practitioners that share your values and really let them get to know you so that you can get the deepest benefit from your partnership. The rewards will astound you and you will become an example to everyone around you. Inspiration often comes from right within our own circle of friends and family, why not be the one to initiate change in your immediate surroundings? We are already telling everyone we met who we are by the vibes we give off and by our actions so it makes sense to be the very best we can be and we will automatically attract the equivalent of that in every area of our lives.

Good luck and may you fulfill every goal you set for yourself, you deserve nothing less than everything you desire. The Universe WANTS you to succeed..


~Ticia Lea

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